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The cooperation with VIVmail.cz allows us to use optimally the Silverpop transmission tool exactly to our needs. I recommend VIVmail.cz not only for the implementation of this tool, but also for aquisition of valuable information from the area of e-mail marketing.
Libuše Grézlová Marketing Specialist, Vodafone LinkedIn
VIVmail.cz is our long-time partner who helps us with the e-mail marketing. They provide a top-level tool, Silverpop, together with priceless knowledge of how to use it in our business. I recommend VIVmail.cz to those who want to increase the level of their e-mail marketing.
David Folprecht CEO at Srovname.cz LinkedIn
VIVmail.cz is a partner who has brought real profit to our business. We have been using Silverpop by VIVmail.cz since 2013 and thanks to our intensive cooperation from the beginning, we have been achieving excellent results. I can recommend VIVmail.cz as a partner who will guide you through the implementation of your e-mail marketing automations and teach you what more you can aim to achieve.
Ferdinand Valent Marketing manager at Conrad.cz LinkedIn

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Filip Černý

marketing director at Kytary.cz

Silverpop helps us target our e-mail communication. Thanks to this tool, we are able to segment easily and provide our customers with relevant and personalized content. Our customers can choose what they want to receive in our e-mails. It’s one of the most important elements of our marketing. Now we can evaluate these activities more precisely and go into greater detail. We know our e-mails are read; our customers like them and read them often. Our e-mails are responded to and have become a desired source of information for our customers. Since the implementation of Silverpop, our revenue from e-mail marketing has increased significantly while the unsubscribe rate has decreased at the same time.

Our case studies

E-mail marketing T. M. LEWIN

T.M. Lewin offers a range of clothing, from suits and shirts to ties and casual wear.

Retailer uses creative email campaigns to grow social media presence and increase ROI.

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Thomas Cook

Travel company uses behavioral segmentation to drive engagement and tally record-breaking results

Travel company uses behavioral segmentation to drive engagement and tally record-breaking results.

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Creative Co-Op designs, imports, and distributes home decorative accessories, gift, and seasonal categories for retailers all around the world.

B2B Wholesale retailer achieves 800% ROI on closeout campaign.

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E-mail marketing PETER GLENN SKI & SPORTS

Peter Glenn has been providing exceptional customer service and carrying some of the best outdoor gear available.
Online sports retailer gets a 63% lift in click rate through real-time testing
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Frequently asked questions

It depends. If the ROI for our clients shows within three to six months in average, then it definitely isn’t. If you just compare e-mail delivery services by their features and functions, considering e.g. a volume of 5 mil. emails (in fact including the non-active receivers - those who didn’t open your e-mail in several past months), then Silverpop comes out more expensive. The issue is that today you don’t really care how much e-mail you send, as long as your transmission costs are very low and you are not blocked by a prominent ESP. So far.

Ask yourself if you really want to improve. Define your business goals. Then you can start searching for specialists who help you improve and guide you or implement your e-mail marketing themselves, so that you can achieve your business goals.

We are very flexible and understand that each of our clients has various conditions and needs. We usually propose the following forms of cooperation: Silverpop license for internal usage - our client signs a License Agreement, obtains an individual account with a dedicated IP address and within one month’s period, the client can start using the technology. If interested, VIVmail.cz prepares initial training and consulting services on e-mail marketing. The acquisition of the Silverpop license with extensive support during the initial period is the most preferred arrangement for our clients. We have no interest in making our clients dependent on us. We start with the Analysis and E-mail Marketing Strategy proposal and once these are approved, we follow up with a 90-day plan for implementing the Strategy. Our aim is to prove the ROI within three to six months to our client. We can create the templates, newsletter design, contents and segmentation, arrange the automation campaign settings and assist at the first transmissions. After the 90-day period our client starts taking over these competencies. We continue helping and developing the following campaigns. 

Complete outsourcing is an option for clients who do not have the manpower for their own e-mail marketing. These clients are provided with the same above-mentioned services, but the transmissions are completely processed by VIVmail.cz, while the client only approves the contents. In other words, the client hires us for all the e-mail marketing-related work.

We can hardly list all the needed data here, but most importantly, we will analyse the following metrics: open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, the size of your database (active/passive included). Generally, if your revenue from e-mail marketing is lower than 20 percent, then there is definitely a great need of change.

E-mailing conferences

Emailing 2014 - Rozhovory - Co si o E-mail marketingu myslí marketéři

Third conference is already over. It was amazing as always and we are looking forward in spring 2016 on fourth emailing conference in Prague!